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Go Geeks on-site are your local Laptop Repairs specialists in Melbourne. Support all types of Computer PC, Laptop, Mac, Wi-Fi setup & more.

We come to you. Our skilled, experienced, and expertly qualified professionals are ready to help you with whatever you require, from simple fixes to complex laptop problem-solving.

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On-site Laptop Repair for home & business

Laptop repairs are our specialists. We offer a reliable PC repair service in Melbourne. Our experienced and qualified team of engineers can handle and repair all kinds of laptops, MacBook, in the best possible way. We'll make sure your laptop is running smoothly again.

We provide service to home, work, or business users and offer you complete peace of mind.

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onsite laptop repairs for home & business

Laptop Repairs Core Services


Windows Installation

We provide Windows installation services when Microsoft Windows update fails due to corrupt windows files or crashes a system. Our Microsoft Windows installation service includes hardware driver installation if hard disk failure requires a fresh windows installation.

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Fix a slow laptop

We fix a slow Laptop, identify programs that slow down your computer and set tasks performed on your laptop to improve overall performance and stability.

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Laptop Setup

We provide home new laptop setup and install all software, to help you optimize new computer performance. Tech you with how to make the most of your new computer.

Hardware repair/replacement

Hardware repair services include diagnosing and replacing faulty components, motherboards, hard drives, power suppliesupplies, RAM, graphics cards, or any other hardware. We can replace or upgrade them.

Data Backup & Transfer

Data backup or transfer services for every PC. We provide everything you need for data protection including setting up an automated backup and transferring data to new physical storage or cloud.

Printer Setup

WiFi or wired printer setup services allow you to print wirelessly. All printers are supported including HP, Brother, Canon, Epson, Samsung, and more.

Network Setup

Home network setup services include new or upgrading your modem/router, secure wireless network setup, creating a local network share, and printer share over the network. We provide and manage firewalls and website filters for child protection with custom solutions.

Email Setup

We can fix email problems whether the email is not sent or stuck in the Outlook outbox. Set uSet upPOP / IMAP outlook on any device. Transfer emails from an old computer to a new one, or set them up on your mobile devices.

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Our extensive knowledge of tech support has helped us to become industry leaders. We believe technology should work for everyone . That's why we offer a full range of tech support services to keep you connected - from protection and repair to installation and expert IT support.

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