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Purchasing Smartphones, iPads and Android tablets is a great investment nowadays as you can gain access to your emails, Internet and work when you are out and about. Unfortunately, technology can come with issues sometimes, not to mention that configuring certain devices can also be quite a challenging task. This is why you need to make sure that you invest in quality devices and know when to ask for help with issues that may prevent them from working optimally. We know how hard it can be to obtain optimal results and find a great technician who can provide great customer service.


We offer Smartphone, iPad and Android tablet configuration, maintenance, protection and repair services, for any problem big or small, including application problems. We have ample experience with repairing, configuring and performing maintenance tasks with many types of devices and brands and we are able to fix just about anything! If your device can work properly, this can save you quite a bit of money as you will not need to purchase a new one.


Does your Smartphone, iPad or Android tablet have any of the following issues? Don’t worry, we can repair your device fast.

  • Ipad Occasionally or consistently running slow and or has a laggy keyboard
  • Performance issues, crashing and random rebooting
  • Connectivity issues
  • Browsers crashing
  • Issues with Wi-Fi
  • Issues with Airdrop
  • Camera application crashes
  • Smartphone, iPad and Android tablets won’t turn on
  • Slow charging
  • Unresponsive touchscreen


Once you start working with us, you will see that your devices (Smartphones, iPads and Android tablets) will be handled in a professional manner and we will address your concerns as fast as possible which is more than important when you have personal data on your devices such as bank statements, work documents, etc. We offer competitive prices and travel to you in order to restore your devices to their former glory! We are able to visit your home or business. 


We service Brisbane CBD, Brisbane North and the Moreton Bay Region.


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